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Getting familiar with Crypto terminology is hard. We make it easy to learn the basics of cryptocurrency, decentralized finance & blockchain terminology.


How to create a crypto wallet

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Benefits of Utility Tokens

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Why should I buy crypto via upLink?

UpLink is the simplest and fastest way to buy crypto assets  Prior to upLink, many BNB blockchain, Polygon blockchain, Cronos blockchain, and other assets required complex  cross-bridge conversions and expensive fees. You’ll never have to  deal with that using upLink, which makes crypto buys as simple as an ecommerce checkout.  You can choose to receive your crypto in a crypto wallet, or spend them right on the same website hosting upLink.

Is it safe to enter my bank card into upLink?

Yes! UpLink employs bank level encryption, processed through our payment partners who store your credit card in a PCI compliance environment. We never see your full credit card information.

How long does it take to receive crypto?

Typically 60 seconds or less, though it can take a s long as 10 minutes.  Compared to some sellers, who can take as long as three days to deliver crypto to your wallet , upLink is blazing fast.

Do you support my credit card?

upLink supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Alipay, Bancontact, Giropay and iDEAL.  In addition to bank cards, ACH (United states) and SEPA (European Union) wire transfers are also supported.

What does it cost me to use upLink?

It depends on the crypto asset purchased, since our project partners are able to define rates. Generally speaking, rates average around 6% (typically much less expensive than the 8-10% you’ll find elsewhere).

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